In Person–I teach at The Rhythm Academy of San Jose. The rate for these lessons is $40/half hour. Please register/pay by clicking the link buy now button below.

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SkypeTo take Skype lessons, youll need a computer with a web cam and microphone and a Skype account. It helps if you have a strong internet connection.

The rate for these lessons is also $35/half hour. For scheduling and/or more information, please feel free to contact me.

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Teaching PhilosophyI believe that everyone has the potential to be a good drummer, no matter your age or your level of natural talent or experience. All it takes is a combination of a self-motivated practice routine and the right kind of instruction. I will devise a multi-sensory learning plan for you, tailor-made to fit your learning style.

Other points of interest related to my teaching practice:

Masters Degree in Elementary Education and taught elementary school (4th grade) for 5 years and middle school science for one year.

• 31 years of drum lesson teaching experience.

I teach students of all ages but specialize in teaching children as I developed a method called Drumset for Preschoolers (see books) that originated from a program that I developed at the Barness Family Jewish Community Center. This method uses the drumset to teach both general early childhood and music skills.

• My books Drumset For Preschoolers and Drumcraft involve a novel approach using mathematics to teach reading, writing, and playing rhythms.